Hey you! Yes, you!! Remember that you're beautiful inside and out, you're loved by loads of people and you're amazing! I'm so thankful that you're viewing my blog <3

Will be on semi-hiatus because school starts tomorrow (june 9) don't hesitate to message me! i'll try my best to reply c:

1.) First Kiss- A Rocket to the Moon

2.) Mardy Bum- Arctic Monkeys

3.) Little Numbers- Boy

4.) Whole Lotta You- A Rocket to the Moon

5.) Fluorescent Adolescent- Arctic Monkeys



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Fun fact: I have an arrangement of freckles on my left shoulder in the shape of the big dipper.
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Anonymous → What's your homework about? I might help! :D

asia hahaa so yeah if you’re from asia i’m studying you (not being racist tho)  haha no it’s okay, thank you anyways!! c: 

i can’t believe i’m doing my homeworks

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